Stroll #12 – Towcester Teaser

I’m down in Towcester this week carrying out an in-depth analysis of Roman Road development in ancient Britain.

Oh shucks, no I’m not – I’m actually giving my sister and hubby a few days break from my niece and nephew while they go off and rekindle whatever it is that married couples kindle in the first place!

That sounds terrible doesn’t it – having a break from your own children? You know what I mean – ‘us’ time rather than ‘them’ time. They deserve it. Make it so!

I’m not actually studying Towcester’s Roman Road (‘Watling Street’) since it now just closely resembles the boring old A5. So closely in fact that the authorities saw fit to rename it ‘the A5’. Whereas the Romans would have marched up and down it, modern Brits now just whizz up and down it in cars. Not really the kind of road I like to cycle on…

Apart from niece and nephew-sitting, I’m also kitten-sitting since they have just acquired an 8-week old kitten each. I’m not a cat-person really so I was a bit shocked when I heard about this new twist to the arrangement – I have a strong aversion to cat-crap! Bit of a pity because one or more cats back home in Yorkshire have decided that burying their waste in the nearby woods is too good for them and have instead turned our local doorsteps into cat toilets. But I digress – the children are caring for the cats and I’m caring for the children…

Cute black kitten
Cute black kitten

Strolling is what this post is about. The kind of strolling that an uncle does with his niece while his nephew scares the locals with his Gothic Gothness, and then comes home for tea.

The next door neighbour’s dog was going to accompany us – strolling, that is, but first we strolled to the shops without it. We couldn’t take it into the local Co-op and I didn’t want to leave it outside in case somebody stole it. Or stabbed it. I mean, how would you explain that to a dog’s owner? “I’ve got good news for you and bad news. First, the good news… Your dog hasn’t been stolen, and I haven’t lost it. The bad news is that it appears to have a 13 inch bayonet stuck in it’s hind quarters!” It wouldn’t go down well…

We did the shopping, then we came back and picked up the dog and took it for a walk. We’d have walked the kittens, but I’m reliably informed that 8-week old kittens are too young to be walked. Apparently they are not too young to fling themselves from great heights and perform astonishing feats of athleticism. I’m quite impressed by what they can do at that age. Apart from filling litter trays that is… That’s just so, er… “Children, I’ve got a nice job for you!

Which is my way of saying – I managed to get out of the house today for an hour of gentle strolling. More exciting news from Towcester later in the week. or if I know myself, a week later than that with the Post date nobbled to make it look like I posted it this week! 😉

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