Steep Yorkshire Roads

Well, yes, this is yet another of those “I got sweaty power-walking up the hill to Heptonstall” posts but I'm going to make it more interesting for you this time. No, I'm not going to tell you where you can buy a cheap iPad or iPhone. I'm not even going to tell you how to become devastatingly attractive to men and women of both sexes (or neither). I won't even tell you the story of how I came to have a pencil pushed through my cheek as a child (I'll tell you about that at a later date!). No, I'm going to show some incredibly exciting photographs of Lisa walking up some steep Yorkshire Roads!

Here she goes, setting off up the hill like a sleepy cat. You know, like a ‘scalded cat', only a lot slower. It's the steepness, you understand?

Steep Yorkshire Road
A steep Yorkshire road with a blonde walking up it

Oh crikey, now she has turned left up Moss Lane – that's steep!

Steep Yorkshire Road
Another steep Yorkshire road with a blonde walking up it

Just in case you couldn't tell how steep it is…

Steep Yorkshire Road
Blimey – a steep Yorkshire road with no blonde in sight

I know what you are thinking – I wasn't fit enough to keep up with her… Well, yah boo, there she is, just in front of me!

Steep Yorkshire Road
The same steep Yorkshire road with the same blonde walking up it (close to death from altitude sickness!)

There's an even steeper little snicket at the top which goes up towards Lee Wood Road. From there, I usually go right for about 30 yards, and then take the (steep!) footpath up to the left through the woods, and then walk up the (steepish!) road to Heptonstall. It's not a big distance – when I really go for it, I can get to the village in about 12 minutes, but it's an intense 12 minutes. Sometimes I call in at the cafe there, sometimes I just walk straight back down into Hebden Bridge. Usually I walk back by one of the several scenic routes available, the favourites being above or below Heptonstall Quarry, near ‘Hell Hole Rocks'.

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