Spring Into The Dales 2011 – Bad Lungs Stopped Play!

I'm not a happy bunny! We are having one of the sunniest, driest and warmest Aprils on record and I'd been looking forward to doing another fantastic Spring Into The Dales audax ride today with my forum pals from CycleChat.

Unfortunately, I came down with a chest infection during the week and am now a wobbly-legged, wheezing bloke with a sore throat. This seems suspiciously like the bug that fellow CC member Pennine-Paul was just getting over on our forum ride last weekend, so I wonder if I have caught it off him. I was certainly riding in close proximity to him a few times when he was coughing!

Even last night I still was toying with the idea of riding but then I saw sense. My legs were shaky just walking up the stairs so there was no way that they would cope with nearly 70 miles of severe hills!

I was exchanging text messages with the lads as they progressed round the route, and then I strolled down to see them at the finish when they got back. They'd had a fantastic day out and were buzzing with excitement. I felt very jealous and came home to sulk! 🙁

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