Spares For Crud Roadracer Mudguards (Fenders)

I just got a message from someone named Ian asking me to get in touch regarding spares for his Mk2 Roadracers. (Hi Ian!) Sorry Ian, I don't phone people who send me their numbers – if I did, I'd spend an awful lot of time and money on the phone! I've emailed you with the link that I give below.

I am not ‘Mister Crud' and I am not a shop selling Cruds either so I don't personally supply spares – you need to get in touch with the Crud company to obtain them. Fortunately, they are very good in that regard. You just need to send them enough postage stamps to cover return postage. Small parts are one large first class stamp, large parts up to six.

Actually, quite a few people have bought Roadracers via the link in my Crud Roadracer review (thank you!) so it seems a good time to point out that spares can be obtained directly from Crud, details on their website – Crud spares link.

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