Slight Lull, No Worries!

I haven't had much exercise for a couple of days, other than strolling round the local shops a couple of times. I had other plans, but they were scuppered on Thursday by insomnia.

I regularly used to suffer from insomnia but I hadn't had it for quite a while. I made the mistake of starting a Sudoku puzzle after I got into bed on Wednesday night even though I was tired and it was already late (about 1:30 am). Forcing myself to think made me alert again and after that I couldn't switch my mind off. I lay staring at the ceiling in the gloom, thinking about the cycle events that I plan to do later in the year, how much weight I need to lose, ideas for this blog and so on and so forth. It was exhausting…

I remember seeing dawn break at about 8:00 am and the next thing I knew, it was 12:30 pm! I must have dozed off for about 4 hours. When I woke, I felt thoroughly disorientated and annoyed that so much of the day had been wasted.

I had something to eat, answered a few emails and then it was 3:00 pm. I suddenly remembered that it was Thursday – our local market day. I rushed out of the house and just caught the fruit & vegetable stall holders as they were packing up. In the panic, I forgot a few items such as celery and broccoli so I had to go out to the shops again today to get them and a few other things.

After the market, I went to drop my tax return off at my bookkeeper and I bumped into someone I know. We ended up having a long conversation and by the time I got home, I was cold, tired and hungry so my planned exercise bike session didn't happen. It was one of those frustrating days…

Today's mistake was to get distracted by forum posting, emailing and various technical aspects of blogging before doing my planned exercise. I really must exercise first, and then fit everything else in afterwards because it just doesn't seem to work for me the other way round.

At least I've made some progress on devising the structure of this blog and its sister website. I think I know how it is going to fit together, so all I need to do now is to choose a suitable WordPress visual theme and customise that to my requirements. I don't want anything too fancy, but I do want the option of using more of the screen's width when it is available. The current default theme (‘Kubrik') is very easy on the eye, but it's too narrow and stark for what I want to achieve. I'm quite enjoying exploring how WordPress works and learning how to do different things, but I have to remember that I also need to earn a living!

I had a ‘treat' meal because I didn't feel like cooking – again, because I was badly organised. I got really hungry and it was gone 8 pm before I started thinking about food. It's funny – now that I'm being more careful about food and drink, ‘fish and chips' didn't seem like such a treat.

Finally – I've bought some beer, but not my full week's ration this time!

Tomorrow should be a better day.

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