Sat-Nav Users – Engage Brains Now!

There have been many reports in the local papers about people attempting to drive their vehicles down bridleways and footpaths because their sat-nav devices ‘told them to'! Obviously these gadgets are only as good as the mapping data that has been programmed into them, and that is put there by human beings and human beings are fallible. So folks… use your sat-navs as an aid to navigation, not as a replacement for your brains! 😉

This driver had obviously left his brain at home and was lucky not to have driven straight over a 100 foot ‘cliff”!

I've seen plenty of examples round here myself. Now local residents are taking matters into their own hands…

Engage brain now!
Sat-nav users – engage brains now!

There was already a sign saying “Bridleway only – no motor vehicles” but that didn't put people off driving down there.

A few months ago, a driver got stuck attempting to drive down there to Hebden Bridge. I took this photograph of the bridleway last winter. Note – this is one of the better parts of it! Some sections are narrower, steeper and rockier…

Not much like a road is it!
Not much like a road is it!

There was also already a “No through road” sign atop the post to which the hand-written sign has now been attached!

It's happening all over the area…

Repeat after me - I will not drive down bridleways, I will not...
Repeat after me – I will not drive down bridleways, I will not…

What worries me is that these people are probably driving about when I'm out on my bike… 😯  Hey, HEY, HEY – Let's be careful out there!

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2 Responses to “Sat-Nav Users – Engage Brains Now!”

  1. I’ve ridden down the bridleway in the first pic, its on the MTL and no I wouldn’t drive down it! I love my Sat Nav and it amazes me that some people ignore their own eyes when using one!

  2. Hi trio.

    As you know, I navigate on long rides using GPS technology in the form of a bar-mounted Garmin Etrex. That isn’t a Sat Nav system as most people think of them since I program each route in myself using mapping software rather than relying on the device to plot routes for me. I double-check each route before uploading it to the device so there is no chance of me being told to cycle into the sea (for example), unless coastal erosion has washed away a coast road since my mapping software was published!

    I encountered a new one-way system in Haslingden on The North-West Passage audax in 2007 but I took my own advice and engaged my brain! I didn’t follow the Etrex which was trying to send me the wrong way up the one-way street. I merely followed the road signs up to the main road above and used common sense to take me back to the original route beyond the one-way road.

    I think Sat Navs are great as an aid to navigation, but they should be used with care. I also think people should carry maps and know how to read them just in case the technology packs up.

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