Rochdale Canal Stroll

After several wet, windy and gloomy days, we finally had a nice sunny one today. Lisa rang to ask me out for a walk but her mum turned up before we set off…

They went for a cup of coffee and a chat, so Lisa’s walk with me was delayed by about an hour. That was the difference between a stroll and a more strenuous walk. By the time I met Lisa at the cafe and we set off for our walk, we didn’t have enough daylight to do our planned walk over one of the local hills so we decided to stroll along the canal towpath to Callis Bridge and back instead.

A nice sunset was developing as we returned past The Stubbing Wharf pub so I stopped to take a photograph of it.

Rochdale canal sunset
Rochdale canal sunset

It was a pity that we didn’t get out earlier – we might not get many more sunny days like that before the winter sets in!

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