Road Training – Loops Within Loops

You may recall me writing recently about a little road circuit I’d found round Towcester and how I was going to look for something similar round here…?

Well, I’ve actually spotted 4 road loops which look promising, all close to or on my favourite 20 mile local loop.

These are the features I was looking for:

  • Quiet, scenic roads
  • Safe left turns only (for non-UK visitors – we drive on the left here folks!)
  • Loops should include hills, but these should not be too severe so I can really attack them rather than just twiddling up them in some tiny gear
  • Loops should be fairly short so I can do them multiple times
  • Good road surface (I’m not likely to find that round here!)

You can see the loops on this map. I have linked the profile for each loop to where each hill starts.

Road Training Loops
Training Loops

I have plotted each profile to the same scale so it is easy to compare them. The loops look quite promising, though loop 2 might be a bit tough because there is only a quick descent to recover on and then it is straight back into the climb again. Some of those lanes have rough road surfaces and some are close to farms and so often get debris and slurry on. I’ll have to ride up there and check the loops out to see how good they are in practice.

I can do my usual 9 km climb up through Cragg Vale to Blackstone Edge as a warm-up, then drop down towards Ripponden, turn left by Baitings Reservoir and tackle loop 4, move on to loop 3, then loop 2 and ride back down into Mytholmroyd via Scout Road. Alternatively I could climb up to do loop 1 a few times and then ride past the Turkey Lodge farm and then turn right onto the descent back through Cragg Vale to Mytholmroyd and head for home. There are many possible combinations of these little loops and the connecting roads. I think that making a big effort on those little hills will probably do wonders for my climbing. It will also add interest to my main local loop which I do tend to get slightly bored with because I ride it so frequently.

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