Road Ride – Sigget Lane, Shore Road

There has been an unseasonably warm wind blowing up from the tropics the past few days so it hasn't felt anything like the end of October. I was busy earlier on, but decided to nip out on my road bike mid-afternoon to make the most of the good weather.

I have planned another ride for local members of the CycleChat forum and wanted to check out a couple of steep climbs for it that I haven't ridden much in the past few years – Sigget Lane up through the woods at the back of the park in Todmorden, and Shore Road from Cornholme up towards The Long Causeway.

It was really disconcerting seeing late October cloudy skies, and golden brown trees shedding their leaves, but having a warm wind blowing on me.

I headed towards Todmorden on the A646, and got the usual battering from the dreadful road surface. I wish that the council would do something about it.

I had intended to climb up to Mankinholes and then ride round through Lumbutts and over to Shade, but Shaw Wood Road was closed and traffic was being diverted. It is sometimes possible to get through road closures on a bike so I thought I'd give it a go and climbed up the first couple of steep bends through the wood but then I saw that some pretty major work was being done and I couldn't be bothered riding up there to see if the workmen would allow me through. I mentioned in this post that the road was slipping away from the hillside, so this work was long overdue.

I got back on the A646 and continued towards Todmorden for a while, before turning up Woodhouse Road and climbing up to Lumbutts Road that way. Once I had climbed up to the open road above the wood, the sun started to peep through the clouds. It was becoming a really lovely afternoon to be out on the bike.

The descent through Shade to Todmorden soon brought me back to reality; busy roads, people rushing about. I passed through the centre of town as quickly as I could.

I turned left after the park, past the new sports centre and then followed the road up steeply to the left through the wood. It was looking absolutely gorgeous! Half the leaves were still on the trees, the rest were piled up at the sides of the road and on the hillside above the road. Fantastic autumn colours. I took a few photographs but none of them turned out! I think the exposure time was pretty long because of the gloomy conditions in the wood, and as a result the shaking of my hands blurred the images. I should have rested the camera on the front of my bike, or on the dry stone wall at the side of the road. Drat!

It's a tough little climb that one. It doesn't stop at the junction with Doghouse Lane, but continues up to the right along the top of the wood, and then up Parkin Lane to Sourhall. I continued over the cattlegrid and along the first part of Flower Scar Road. That becomes a dirt road going up to the left over Todmorden Moor towards Sharneyford, but I continued straight ahead on Tower Causeway, then descending the singletrack lane to Carr Road in Portsmouth.

I turned right onto the A646, back down to Cornholme, then left up Pudsey Road to do the steep climb up through Shore to Kebs Lane at the end of the Long Causeway. That's as tough as I remember it, but I have easier gears now than I used to have.

Pudsey from Shore Road
Pudsey from Shore Road

I didn't have a lot of time for sight-seeing since the sun was now low in the sky. I turned right at the top of the climb, and sped home via Blackshaw Head, Jack Bridge, Colden and Slack.

Only 34 km (21 miles) but the steep hills made it feel further. A nice little ride in the sunshine.

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2 Responses to “Road Ride – Sigget Lane, Shore Road”

  1. I’m looking forward to the CC ride. Hopefully it will still be autum and not winter. I’ve really been enjoyed riding through the falling leaves this week.

    Looking at your pictures I think I might need to pull my geared bike back out of hibernation.

  2. It’s been stunning round here recently too. Unfortunately, by the time we do the CycleChat ride at the end of November there probably won’t be many leaves left. I’m hoping that the mild weather lasts. It was this time last year that the winter started, with snow and ice everywhere!

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