Road Ride – Short Sharp Shock

It was no use – I spent a few hours working away at the computer after my stroll earlier today, but I still felt restless. I had too much nervous energy and needed to burn some of it off so I got my road bike out and set off to do a quick blast over the local hills.

The sun was shining when I set off and I thought I might do 25 miles or so, but I had barely left Hebden Bridge when familiar dark clouds came scudding overhead…

Drat – it looked like rain again – I’d better make it a quick one!

I usually head to Mytholmroyd on the Calder Valley Cycleway to avoid the traffic on the A646, but it was late Sunday afternoon and the road should have been fairly quiet so I set off down the A646 but immediately ran into a queue of stationary traffic. Huh? D’oh – the penny dropped! This weekend has seen the annual Vintage Car Rally in Calder Holmes park in Hebden Bridge. Clearly, the show had just finished and I was caught up in the exodus from town.

Blow that for a game of soldiers – I did a quick u-turn and headed back to Station Road, and took my usual cycleway route instead.

Conditions were worsening by the minute so to cram as much as possible into a short ride, I headed off up Scout Road. It’s a lot steeper than the gentle climb up through Cragg Vale, and once I’d got clear of the woods, I decided that I’d ride up Steep Lane, which is pretty, er, steep and therefore a good workout.

When the road eventually flattened out, I stopped to take a couple of photographs and noticed that a strong cross-headwind was picking up from the south-west. The temperature was falling and it felt like rain was imminent so so I decided to ride back down through Cragg Vale and go home once I got back onto Cragg Road. Drizzle was just starting when I got back.

Yorkshire hills and sheep
Yorkshire hills and sheep

It was only a short ride, but the steep little climbs had used up my surplus energy and I felt much better when I got back to work later on.

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2 Responses to “Road Ride – Short Sharp Shock”

  1. Its odd the way the wind often pick up and the temperature falls just before it rains.

  2. Yes, I’ve noticed especially that there is often a sudden severe drop in temperature just before a thunderstorm.

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