Road Ride – Old Town, Mytholmroyd, Blackstone Edge

I was supposed to have been tackling the West Yorkshire Cycle Route (WYCR) today but last week’s exhausting Red Rose Ride (RRR) convinced me that I wasn’t yet ready for it. The WYCR is about 25 miles longer than the RRR and even hillier. I’ve had a week off my bikes since the RRR – I reckon I’d probably need 2 weeks to recover if I did the WYCR at my current level of fitness! I’ll save it for another time. (There is talk of doing it at the end of August, but there won’t be as much daylight then so I’d need to be fit enough to ride faster.)

Still, it was a lovely day so I had to get out for a ride, but just a good steady local one. I chose my old favourite – Hebden Bridge, Pecket Well, Old Town, Midgley, Mytholmroyd, Cragg Vale, Blackstone Edge, Ripponden Road, Blue Ball Lane, Hubberton Green, Scout Road, Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times before on the blog. It’s a good route with 2 fairly big climbs and several other shorter and steeper ones, mainly away from traffic, and with good views.

I remembered to reallign the back brake on my Cannondale after the problems it caused me on last Sunday’s Red Rose Ride!

I also moved the cleats back 1 cm on my cycling shoes in an attempt to tackle the cramping I suffer from with my left foot (and lowered the saddle by about 1 cm to compensate). I felt that the new position might be beneficial in the long run, but it is hard to say based on one short ride. I hadn’t got the position of the cleats quite right and stopped several times to change the angle of them. I think that the left cleat is correctly alligned now, but the right one still feels slightly out. I’ll change that before the next ride.

It had been pretty warm again today, so I waited until the evening to set out. I wore my gilet again and this time conditions were just right for it. I zipped it up on the fast descents to keep the chill off me, and opened it for the climbs. I really like it – small and comfortable, and I bought it for a bargain £14!

I was out for a couple of hours taking it steady and enjoying the sunshine. Every now and then I’d make a harder effort just to get my pulse rate up for a while. Kind of scenic interval training… 😉

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2 Responses to “Road Ride – Old Town, Mytholmroyd, Blackstone Edge”

  1. I really fancied the WYCR ride too; but there was no way I’m fit enough.

  2. Well, the new date for the WYCR is Sunday August 23rd so you (er, we!) have two months to get some serious training done for it!

    If I managed to do what I did in January over the next couple of months, I could get another stone or so off which would really help. If I managed to do what I did in the last month, I’d lose virtually nothing, which wouldn’t! 😉

    Don’t forget to pencil in the proposed Mary Towneley Loop MTB ride for July 18th or 19th.

    I’m organising a road ride which you might fancy a week later – 150 km (90+miles) from Hebden Bridge to the western Yorkshire Dales/eastern Forest of Bowland and back. Sunday, July 26th.

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