Road Ride – Modified Local Loop

Rain was forecast for later on today and I wanted to get out and do a road ride before it arrived.

It was overcast and windy when I set off so I didn’t bother taking my camera out with me, and I also didn’t want to venture too far from home in case the weather suddenly changed for the worse. I therefore decided to do my 23.6 mile extended Cragg Vale loop.

As it happened, the weather actually improved while I was out! The clouds parted and the sun shone most of the time that I was riding. Shame I didn’t take the camera, but never mind – I already have a lot of photographs from previous rides on this route.

If you remember, I changed the cleat position on my cycling shoes recently and I have been fiddling about trying to get comfortable with it. It hasn’t been a problem on the MTB because the SPD pedals on that are old and worn so my feet can pretty much go where they want. The new pedals on the Cannondale are a different matter. I stopped 3 times to adjust the left cleat and eventually got it right. It really isn’t a good idea to put up with a bad cleat setup. It might seem acceptable for a few miles but eventually something will start to hurt.

I had tried to mirror the position of the right cleat, but had forgotten that my right leg is significantly longer than my left, so the cleat position has to be different too.

When I got to Mytholmroyd, I suddenly decided that I didn’t want to do yet another slog up out of Cragg Vale into a cross-wind, so I turned left up Scout Road to do my usual loop in reverse. It’s amazing how different roads can seem when doing them in an unfamiliar direction. I quite enjoyed the change.

I survived a near ‘dooring’ as I climbed up past the Scout Road school. It was a bad time to be passing because the children were just being picked up and lots of distracted mums in cars in one place at the same time are not a good thing.

Doing the loop that way round meant that I encountered a couple of steepish climbs on the way out, but of course the reward is that I had a 6 mile downhill back to Mytholmroyd from Blackstone Edge. It’s a pity that the road surfaces round here are generally pretty bad. I’d topped up my tyre pressures before I set out to 100 psi rear and 90 psi front. A lot of people would consider those on the low side for a heavy rider on 23C tyres but I prefer lower pressures for increased comfort. I normally ride 90-95 psi rear and 80-85 psi front and rarely have problems with snakebites (pinch flats). I think I’ll let a few psi out before my next ride because the Cragg Vale descent was uncomfortable. The chain was slapping against the right chainstay and it doesn’t normally do that.

It was a nice little ride in the sunshine and it clouded over just as I was getting home. Since then, we’ve had some torrential rain so I really felt like I got my timing right for once! 🙂

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