Road Ride – Lunch in Haworth

Another lovely day! My guests wanted to go for a scenic bus ride to Haworth, but I’ve been there many times and fancied a bike ride instead. We came to a compromise – they went on ahead by bus and did some sight-seeing and shopping, and I rode over a couple of hours later on my trusty Basso.

I arrived at the foot of the steep little climb up from Haworth railway station and spotted another cyclist climbing ahead of me. Naturally, I set off in pursuit… Despite still being pretty overweight and not as fit as in recent years, I didn’t find the climb too bad, unlike the mystery rider who dismounted just as I got up to him.

A family were crossing the road ahead of me as I came to the top of the steepest section. They were gawping at me as if they had never considered it possible for somebody to cycle up a steep hill. I waved to the children and put on my most convincing “it didn’t hurt!” expression. I don’t think they were fooled…! 😉

By then I was dripping sweat. I spotted my sister walking from an ice cream van towards her husband who was sitting on a bench near Haworth park entrance. I cycled over to them and just as I came up behind her, my sister uttered the immortal words “I don’t really fancy my ice cream after those boiled sweets” – ha, that was my cue! In a perfectly timed move I came alongside her and said “Well hand it over then!” Very nice it was too!

Haworth on a sunny summer Saturday afternoon would normally be crawling in tourists but it was mysteriously quiet! I’ve never seen it like that before. Something big must have been going on in the local area but I don’t know what. Maybe some big show or sporting event? Anyway, it meant we had no problem finding an empty table outside a cafe halfway up Main Street where darling big sis then treated me to a toasted Panini*** with hummous, feta, cherry tomatoes and mint – yum!

I escorted sis and b-i-l to the bus stop and headed for home. The bus was due in 20 minutes and I reckoned that I had a fair chance of just beating it back to Hebden Bridge. It actually turned up late so I made it with 10 minutes to spare.

I very rarely do shortish cycle rides like that any more (roughly 27 km or 17 miles). It was actually a nice change to stretch my legs on the bike but not get home feeling sore and exhausted.

*** Yes, I know that Panini is actually the plural of Panino, but it’s one of those things that has passed into common usage and I can’t be bothered to fight it. I’ll stick to saying “bacteria” though ta-very-much – no “bacteriums” or “bacterias” from me!

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  1. Ice-cream on a hot day.
    I think i’m slowly becoming addicted to the stuff.

  2. I can certainly see why it was invented!

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