Road Ride – Littleborough Loop

Today's ride had been postponed from last Sunday because of a heavy snowfall. Unfortunately, that rescheduling meant that only fellow CycleChat forum members goodspeed (Martin) and dan_bo would be able to join me today. The plan was for Martin to ride over to Hebden Bridge from Oxenhope, and then we would head for Littleborough via the valley roads until we encountered dan_bo coming the other way. We would then turn round and ride round to Mytholmroyd, climb to Blackstone Edge, descend to Littleborough and see dan-bo off there. Martin and I would then return via the valley roads. It didn't turn out that way…

As planned, I met Martin in HB centre and we ambled out to Todmorden and then headed for Littleborough, keeping our eyes open for dan_bo coming the other way.

Since neither of us had met d_b before, we were bearing in mind his description of himself as a “big lad on a johnny cash fixie”.

So what did we do? Well, we said ‘hi' to every skinny whippet cyclist that we passed riding a geared bike, but when we saw a big lad riding fixed we rode straight past him without saying a word! It only took us a few seconds to realise our mistake and we u-turned and set off in pursuit. It didn't take long to catch d_b – we found him just down the road, standing at the roadside holding his phone in his hand.

We said hello and then he announced that, sorry, his ride was over! He'd inadvertently brought the car keys out with him and his missus wasn't happy about it! He had to turn about and head for home – immediately!

We rode down to the traffic lights in Littleborough together and Martin and I said goodbye to Dan as he went right, heading for Rochdale, and we went left to climb to Blackstone Edge ‘the harder way'.

Neither of us felt very fit after our long winter lay-off, but at least the effort of climbing kept us warm. It were right chilly at the reservoir though!

I parked my bike in the eco-friendly bike stand provided, and snapped Martin standing admiring the snow and ice.

Martin admires a frozen Blackstone Edge reservoir
Martin admires a frozen Blackstone Edge reservoir

A charity bike ride was taking place with lots of unlikely looking cyclists slowly working their way up to the top of the hill. I think it was in aid of Bone Cancer research. Hang on, I'll investigate…

Okay, here's a mention of it. Well done folks – a good effort on a pretty cold day!

The northerly wind that would have been blowing us up the climb from Mytholmroyd was now going to freeze us on the descent since we were doing the loop in the opposite direction to what was originally intended.

We took the Calder Valley Cycleway back to Hebden Bridge and began the climb back over to Oxenhope. I had said that I would accompany Martin to the top but I felt a few spots of rain hit my face and decided that I was cold enough already. I didn't fancy getting halfway up the hill and getting caught out in bad weather so I said goodbye to Martin and went home to get warm.

Well, it was only a short ride (35 km, 22 miles) but it was nice to be out of the house for a while, to meet dan_bo for the first time, if only briefly, and of course, to ride with Martin again.

I hope it is warmer for next Saturday's CycleChat ride!

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  1. Now you have met Dan_Bo you won’t miss him again! He is lovely!

    Glad you got out for a ride, get planning your next one!

  2. I must try and get out during the week and we have the CycleChat N.Leeds-Burnsall-N.Leeds ride next Saturday. I really hope it will be warmer than it was today!

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