Road Ride – Calderbrook, Blackstone Edge

I was struggling with my motivation again today so I really had to force myself to get into my cycling clothes and head out on my trusty Basso…

The grey skies and chilly wind didn’t help but I knew that I’d feel better once I’d warmed up and got into my riding.

Today’s route was a guesstimated 40 km/25 miles and consisted of the following: Hebden Bridge, Mankinholes, Lumbutts, Walsden, Calderbrook, Littleborough, Blackstone Edge Old Road, Blackstone Edge, Blue Ball Lane and then my favourite trip round the other lanes to Scout Road, Mytholmroyd, Calder Valley Cycleway and home.

The wind was pretty strong but since I did a closed loop it was sometimes helping me and sometimes making progress slow. The sun even made an appearance for a while. It was one of those days where I spent half the time slightly cold and half the time feeling too warm. I think that it is time to revert to a short-sleeved jersey with arm-warmers which can be rolled up/down/removed as necessary.

Anyway – I enjoyed the ride and felt much better on the bike than I had a right to after not touching it last week. I rather expected to feel the lack of miles in my legs but the rest seems to have done me good! 😉

I clocked the route at 41.4 km or 25.7 miles so my pre-ride mental arithmetic was pretty accurate. That’s about the kind of distance I wanted to do. If it had been sunnier I’d have done more.

I want to get another couple of rides in before the weekend. There is another CycleChat forum ride coming up on Sunday so I won’t ride on Saturday because I want fresh legs for it.

This week is turning out to be a big improvement on last week and it is only Tuesday – hoorah!

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