Road Ride – Blackstone Edge

Well, it couldn't be put off any longer – I had to get back out on my bike! It had been a long lay-off and I needed to start getting fit again.

The weather down in the valley wasn't too bad today. Cold, but not bitter, a few sunny intervals. I had intended to do about 25 miles but I'd forgotten to put the new front mech. on the Basso so I wasn't able to set off when I'd intended to. It took a bit of faffing about to sort that out.

I was pleased to discover that there is a bolt which can be removed to create a gap in the derailleur cage just big enough to slide a chain through. It meant that I didn't have to fiddle about removing and replacing a grubby chain.

What wasn't so clever was trying to fit the derailleur with the cable pre-attached. After a lot of cursing it finally dawned on me to do it without the cable and only attach that when everything else seemed okay – d'oh!

It was about 3:10 when I finally set off. Sunset is about 4:30 at the moment so I took lights, but I didn't really fancy being out after dark. I rode over to Mytholmroyd and began the climb to Blackstone Edge but I soon made my mind up that I'd turn round when I got to the top and come straight home. It would be an easy introduction to cycling in 2010.

I didn't feel too cold on the first part of the climb because it is sheltered and the effort of climbing was keeping me warm. I knew things would be different higher up though.

As I headed towards the steeper section in the middle of the climb a younger cyclist shot past me, calling out a friendly ‘hi' as he went by. He was going at an impressive speed in the big ring and made it look easy. And now I'm getting a sense of deja vu from this time last year when a similar thing happened!

I encountered fit-young-guy further on chatting to another rider in the bus turning area. A mile further on fyg shot past me again. He laughed as he said ‘hi' again. At least he had the decency to feel sorry for me as he whizzed past. He must have been going at close to double my speed because he soon got so far ahead of me that I couldn't see him any longer.

It was pretty cold on the open moorland and there was a chilly breeze blowing across the road. I stopped to take a photo of the snow remaining from the recent cold spell. Boy, it must have been bad up there at the time!

My Basso and some snow
My Basso and some snow

I stopped at the reservoir to take another picture. The whole thing was still frozen over and there was a fair amount of snow scattered about.

Basso and a frozen reservoir
Basso and a frozen reservoir

The sun was very low in the sky and the wind was picking up. I was getting chilled. Time to go home!

I was wearing full winter gear but I still felt the wind-chill on the descent.

It was only about a 15 mile ride but it got my legs turning over again. The next ride will be longer, I promise.

Oh, and the shifting at the front was a lot better than it had been with the old front mech. I'm not sure the new one is set up perfectly yet but it is a lot better than the old worn out one was.

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6 Responses to “Road Ride – Blackstone Edge”

  1. Yay to getting back out on the bike!

  2. And a belated ‘Happy Birthday’ to you!

  3. was over your way on sunday. be careful over widdup loads of sheet ice on the roads. can catch you unaware. i was on the mtb after putting gears back on and i did about half of mtl and added the new bit on. i came across a guy coming down from gorple road in cycling shorts and thin top carrying his bike. was going dark. he had no tools, no tube, no repair kit and no phone signal. he didn’t really know how to fit a tyre!!! said he was from hebby. good job he saw me and cadged a tyre…could’ve froze to death!!

    good to hear you back on the bike fatso…lol. if you want a riding buddy i can pop over with some slicks on my mtb. the brommie keeps breaking on the hills.

  4. That’s obviously you Shaun, but you’ve come across as Mister Anonymous this time! Also, your IP address is different – are you posting from a different computer than the one you normally use?

    I’m really paranoid about ice! I was thinking of going for a ride today but I looked out of my back window and saw black ice everywhere and decided not to risk it. If we get a nice day after a mild night, I’ll be up for a ride. I’ll let you know if I’m doing anything.

    The bloke in shorts sounds bonkers – I’m wearing multiple layers indoors with the gas fire on!

  5. hi colin,
    yep was me, nope not a different computer, weird eh? yeah it’s been icy for the last few winters now. may have to invest in some spiked tyres for next winter. can’t afford time off the bike from march onwards. keep up with the blog. maybe a shortish mtb ride? could show you the new bridleway bit? anyway let me know



  6. Ah, now that is the same IP address as yesterday. Perhaps you were on a different computer when you sent in the old comment that I looked at?

    I do intend to keep up with the blog but I’m so busy trying to earn some money that I’m not actually doing any exercise at the moment! It’s a week since that little ride and I haven’t even been for a walk (other than nipping out to the shops when I need to)! Oops, that reminds me – I forgot the ‘progress report’ – I’ll do that tomorrow and back-date it.

    I was working until 01:00 today and I was busy when your comment came in. It will probably be gone midnight again when I stop tonight. I hope this effort pays off or I’m going to have to do something drastic…

    Looking at my schedule, and the weather forecast, I’ve pretty much given up on a ride this week now. I might go for a very quick power walk up a local hill and back down again. Either that or zap myself on my gym bike for an hour. I have to something because I feel like a caged animal!

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