Rides and Strolls Down South

Here is a summary of what exercise I got during a week in Coventry…

Tue, 31st August

My sister transported me and my singlespeed bike to our mother’s flat in Coventry. Just a 10 minute ride back to sister #2’s house afterwards.

Wed, 1st September

10 mile singlespeed ride via Corley moor to visit ma, 10 minute ride back afterwards.

Thu, 2nd September

10 mile s/s ride to visit ma and stopped the night there.

Fri, 3rd September

10 minute ride back to chez sis. In the evening a brisk 10 minute stroll to a friend’s house, then another home again.

Sat, 4th September

10 mile Corley ride to visit ma, then 10 minutes back. 10 minute stroll to friend’s, 10 minutes back.

Sun, 5th September

10 mile Corley ride, 10 minutes back.

Mon, 6th September

I walked with my heavy bag to the local bus stop to catch a bus to Coventry railway station. I was just thinking how strong the wind was and how it could blow branches down out of the trees when it did – a small branch landed on my head! Fortunately it was only about an inch in diameter and about 2 feet long. In front of me, lay one about 6 feet long and three inches in diameter and that would have made a right mess of my head if it had landed on me! 😯

Some annoying delays on the trains, then miscellaneous meanderings with my rucksack totalling about 2 miles until I got home in Hebden Bridge.

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2 Responses to “Rides and Strolls Down South”

  1. Most of my rides seem to only be about 10-15minutes at the moment too.
    I still can’t decide if its actually worth putting cycling kit on or not for such a short ride?

  2. I asked myself the same question but I was surprised how much of a sweat I got on in just 10 minutes! On my 10 minute ride there is a lot of sprinting away from traffic lights or sprinting to get through while they are still on green. In the end, I wore cycling kit on my upper half and walking trousers on my lower half and carried a change of clothes with me. The trousers are loose enough that I can roll them up to my knees when cycling. They are just comfortable enough for my 10 mile route; any further and I’d definitely want to wear proper padded shorts.

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