Rapid Weight Gain

I posted this on a cycling forum today, but it's worth repeating here…

There was a documentary on television here last night where the normally curvy/slimmish UK TV star Claire Sweeney stopped her daily exercise routine and gave up her normal healthy diet for six weeks. Okay, it was pretty obvious what would happen and it has been done before, but it was pretty scary to see how quickly her body became unfit and flabby. She put on nearly 28 pounds (2 stone, 12.5 kg)) in that short space of time.

She normal denies herself stuff like pizza and chips (fries), but once she relaxed her rules she got right back into them again. There was one scene in Los Angeles where she was pigging out on the most ridiculous burger you've ever seen. It was so big that she could hardly pick it up.

Worse than getting flabby, her health was soon under threat. Her blood pressure went in 6 weeks from healthily low, to riskily high. Her fitness went from very good to fairly poor. She put 10 inches on round the waist. Ouch!

It certainly reminded me that once I've got my flab off, I've got to make damn sure it doesn't come back on again. For some people, it comes naturally. For others, like me (us?) it takes vigilance.

Remember – A Dog isn't just for Christmas, and a Healthy Diet isn't just for the New Year!

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