Progress Report – Week 66

I had a much better week – a gentle stroll, a 25 mile hilly ride, a short ‘power-walk', an 8.7 mile walk ‘over the tops' and a fairly hilly 73 mile ride yesterday. That's more like it!

I definitely feel like I'm getting fitter, but the slimmer part of the equation isn't happening at the moment. No change since last week – I am still 15 stone 0.3 pounds (210.3 pounds, 93.4 kg).

The OJ-ometer now shows a total loss of 5 litres of OJ!

Another longish hilly ride coming up this Sunday (Spring Into The Dales) and an even longer and hillier one the weekend after (The Brian Robinson Challenge plus riding there and back). I just need to keep getting out during the week. (And drink less beer!)

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