Progress Report – Week 64

Half a pound on, half a pound back off again, no overall change.

An uninspiring week – a 21 mile hilly bike ride plus a couple of pretty easy walks.

I'm still 14 stone 13.1 pounds (209.1 pounds, 94.8 kg).

The OJ-ometer still shows a total loss of 6 litres of OJ!

I feel deep down that I haven't really made the decision to ‘get stuck in' and get slimmer and fitter this year. I think I need about 2-3 weeks of hard work to get back into it again and then I'd start to build up some kind of momentum but it's pretty hard to do that when feeling depressed.

One thing I do have in my favour is that I'm very persistent. Many people would have crawled away in embarrassment if they had so publicly failed to do what they had set out to do, as I did last year. I got off to a great start and then gradually it all went wrong. A couple of illnesses, an awful wet summer and it started to unravel. I'm still struggling to get back to where I was last autumn. Still, the fight goes on… One day, I'll be able to post a picture of me looking fit, and feeling fine and then I'll race you to the top of the nearest hill! 😉

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