Progress Report – Week 63

Once again – half a pound on, and half a pound back off again.

It felt as though I'd had another lazy week, exercise-wise, but I've just checked and I did more than I remembered doing – a 25 mile hilly bike ride and 3 walks of 1, 2 and 4 hours in duration. Not a fantastic effort but not too bad. So much for the 100 miles a week on the bike though…

I'm really struggling to get into my cycling this year. The only rides I look forward to are the ones I arrange to do with fellow CycleChat forum members. (Hint: AndyH – the clocks are going forward at the weekend so pick up that bike and let's finally start doing those late afternoon/early evening rides we talked about!)

I must be more flexible and make better use of what sunny days we get. I can work on my computer at home any time of the day, any day of the week so I should do my cycling and walking when it suits me and fit work in around that.

Okay, for the record – I'm still 14 stone 13.1 pounds (209.1 pounds, 94.8 kg).

The OJ-ometer still shows a total loss of 6 litres of OJ!

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11 Responses to “Progress Report – Week 63”

  1. The sun is finally starting to make an appearance and pretty soon the nights will be light. I’m sure the bike will start to make an appearance soon.

  2. You’re right. In fact, conditions are pretty good here today (though a bit windy). I’ll take my own advice and nip out and do one of my 20+ mile loops taking in the climb to Blackstone Edge. The forecast isn’t good for the next 3 days so I should get out while it is dry.

  3. Collecting the bike this weekend!

  4. That’ll be the Kiss-of-death for the weather then – it will probably rain for the next 6 months now!

    If by some chance we get a reasonable day on Sunday, how about a little jaunt out to Coldwell Activity Centre cafe? We could do a repeat of this Slippery Ford ride if you fancied it.

  5. If i collect the bike Sat afternoon then yes! subject to the weather im up for this,it will be a good test for bike and rider!!! but there is a posssibility it could be early Sun morn, so a shorter ride would have to suffice,if ok with you?

  6. Next time I have a day off midweek – usually loads in school holidays – I’ll give you a shout about getting out!

  7. @trio – That would be good. Best if you could let me know the day before though.

    @andy – See you at the weekend!

  8. I meant we could plan it in advance 😉 I usually have an idea what I am doing a week in advance!

  9. I’m different – half the time, I don’t even know what I’m doing when I’m actually doing it! 😕

  10. I would never do anything without plans!

  11. I’ve realised that I have to organise CycleChat forum rides a few weeks in advance or I won’t get many people turning up.

    Some plans go wrong at the last minute though. I’m supposed to meeting Lisa after work for a walk this afternoon. The sun was shining here until about 10 minutes ago so things were looking good but now the valley is being blasted by hail!

    There’s still a couple of hours to go. The sun might be shining again by then…

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