Progress Report – Week 61

I completely forgot to post a progress report last week, not that there was any progress to report – I actually gained a fraction of a pound but at least I managed to get in a stroll and a road bike ride. Not enough, but better than the week before that.

I had a better week last week – a walk, a MTB ride, a road ride and a little stroll yesterday. I managed to get the weight back off that I put on the week before.

So, overall I'm back to where I was 2 weeks ago – 14 stone 13.1 pounds (209.1 pounds, 94.8 kg).

The OJ-ometer still shows a total loss of 6 litres of OJ!

I am well aware of the fact that I could have easily shed all the weight that I wanted to lose by now, but this is an honest account of what I get up to so I have to report my failures. One day I will have sorted myself out and the blog will seem very different then. I won't be talking about grovelling up hills on my bike, I'll be describing how great it feels to be sprinting up them again.

I still firmly believe that fat loss is 99% in the mind. The human body works in a predictable way – if treated right, it will respond positively! I just need to get my head together and then my body will do as it is told…

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