Progress Report – Week 57

This winter is really dragging on. I've been finding it very depressing down here in the valley where it has been drizzly and gloomy for about a week. In fact, I've only left the house a few times to go to the shops. No rides or walks! I did manage one session on the gym bike, that's it. There is no excuse for not doing more of that – it is just sat there waiting to be used. I've been busy developing some little websites and have prioritised that over my fitness.

Well, the skies are blue today. It is cold, but I must try and get out later on. (I just rang Lisa – we both need to get some shopping so we will go together, probably ‘the long way' via some whacking great big hill!)

Back to progress… My weight is dropping ever so slowly, just by virtue of reducing the amount of beer that I'm drinking. I am now 14 stone 13.4 pounds (209.4 pounds, 95.0 kg).

The OJ-ometer has picked up another OJ!

The 38 inch belt is still far too tight and you don't need to see more photos of my gut trying to bust it! I'll take a picture when it is a comfortable fit, and then another one each time I take it in a notch.

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