Progress Report – Week 56

Same comment as last week – I'm still cutting back on my beer drinking, but I haven't upped the exercise yet so there is just another small weight loss to report.

I am now 15 stone 0 pound (210 pounds, 95.3 kg). Overall loss since starting blog is 12.7 pounds (5.7 kg).

No change to the OJ-ometer this week!

Prepare yourself. It's another flab photo, only one of the new generation of ‘belt-busters'. Remember Col, no breathing in… 😯

Flabby belly, 38 inch belt, feb 1 2010
Flabby belly

The belt is set to 38 inches! It goes down to 34 inches and I aim for it to be so loose on me by the summer that I have to cut further holes in it at 33 inches and 32 inches. There's a long way to go…

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