Progress Report – Week 51

Well, I’m back from my Christmas break in Coventry. I ate more than I normally do, but not as much as I normally do at Christmas time! As usual at this time of year, I drank too much alcohol as well and did not get as much exercise as I’d have liked. So, what’s the damage? Actually, a slightly confusing picture has emerged…

I’ve noticed my trouser belt getting tighter over the past month, but my scales haven’t really indicated much change. I’m afraid I trusted the scales rather than my eyes which were indicating that I’d put on more than the pound or so shown by the scales. Over Christmas I weighed myself on 3 other sets of scales and they all showed me to be about 4 pounds heavier than I thought I was – damn! I reckon that my scales are being affected by the cold, or possibly by nearly-flat batteries. I weighed myself when I got back and they are still indicating only 14 stone 10 pounds. Very odd… Still, I’m not that bothered exactly how much I weigh, I’m more interested in my progress in losing my flab and getting back to the kind of fitness that I enjoyed in 2001. I’ll probably carry on using my (possibly) inaccurate scales so at least I’ll be comparing like-with-like as far as weight readings go.

I’ll try taking the scales in by my heater and put some new batteries in to see if that makes any difference to the reading.

It looks like the final figure for the year will be a loss of about 1 stone, (14 pounds or 6.4 kg). It’s only around a third of what I was hoping to achieve, but it’s still progress and I’ll be in a much better state at the start of 2010 than I was back in January 2009.

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