Progress Report – Week 48

Well, my S.A.D. has been beavering away and making me feel hungry and lazy this past couple of weeks, oh, and a little sad too! As a result of slipping into winter hibernation mode I didn’t go out much last week (only a couple of walks, plus a few trips to the shops), I ate too much (including chocolate several times despite my rule that it is supposed to be for bikes rides and special occasions only) and of course – I drank too much beer. Outcome – plus one pound! That’s me back up to 14 stone 9 pounds – aaaaaaargh! 😳

I am arranging a ride for later this week and that should help get things back on track. If I can get my laptop to play DVDs, I’ll try out the turbo-training DVD that I was sent a few weeks back (if not, I’ll exercise to music instead). The forecast is good for the second half of the week, so I’ll try and get some more walking in as well.

I’m so tuned in to what my body is doing these days that I can tell whether I’ve lost or gained weight without even weighing myself. I can feel the difference that even just 0.5 pounds makes because at my current size it all seems to go on or come off my waist, rather than being spread all over my body. I was just starting to get more comfortable and now my trousers feel tighter again – shucks!

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2 Responses to “Progress Report – Week 48”

  1. It goes on my waist as well. I am doing a good job of adding an extra layer of fat for the winter! I’m still riding most days as well. I plan the week in advance and make myself do it! Or ali sends me out in the dark if I haven’t!

  2. I’m amazed that you can put on weight with the amount of exercise you get! Mind you – I always make a point of telling people that it is a lot easier not to take in surplus calories than it is to burn them off.

    I think it is natural to put on a bit of weight at this time of year and it isn’t really a problem if you aren’t overweight to start with but I can’t really afford to be putting back on the weight that I’ve struggled to get off this year. Must Try Harder!

    I’ve got two rides planned this week with fellow CycleChat members to take advantage of the (forecast) improved weather. They’ll total about 75-80 hilly miles so that should help. I might get a couple of walks in as well if it stays fine. If not, there’s always the gym bike.

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