Progress Report – Week 46

There was no overall change in my weight over the past week. I actually lost weight at the start of the week but then put it back on again. It's not surprising, given that I haven't done anything energetic for 2 weeks now, due to having a bad cold and the weather in northern England having been pretty awful (strong winds and heavy rain). I'm feeling a lot better now so I hope to get some rides and/or walks in over the coming week and get the flab shifting again.

So… I started this year weighing 220.0 pounds (15 stone 10.0 pounds, 99.8 kg). I now weigh 204.0 pounds (14 stone 8.0 pounds, 92.5 kg). Total weight loss so far is 16.0 pounds or 7.3 kg (18.7 pounds, 1 stone 4.7 pounds, or 8.5 kg since Christmas). My original waist measurement was 45″, and it is now 39.0″. That is a total loss so far of 6.0″ (all rounded to nearest half inch).

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2 Responses to “Progress Report – Week 46”

  1. I always eat and eat when i’ve got a cold. That and the fact I do very little means the pounds always pile on.

  2. I’ve been eating slightly more and drinking slightly more beer, but the lack of exercise to burn off the extra calories is what really makes the difference. I was going to get on my gym bike today but decided to leave it one more day because my chest is still pretty wheezy. I definitely don’t want to leave it until the CycleChat forum ride on Sunday because that would be 3 weeks off the bike!

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