Progress Report – Week 29

Okay, this progress report is different!

I’m currently ill and not exercising but I’m still eating and drinking as much as usual so I’ve definitely put some weight on. I can feel it and see it but I’ve decided not to measure it on the scales or with my tape measure! I feel pretty down and don’t want to worry about my weight until I feel well enough to do something about it. If I weigh myself, I’m going to feel tempted to try and starve the extra weight off since I don’t feel strong enough to work it off. I don’t think that would be sensible so I’m going to give myself a break from these weekly reports for a while.

I’d been needing a psychological break really. I hadn’t been making any progress with my weight loss or fitness for a few months now. As soon as I start to feel okay again, I’m going to make an effort to get stuck in the way I did back in January. It worked for me then, and it will do again.

The wet and dreary July here in northern England really started to get me down, bringing unhappy memories of the previous two summers. I really hope that the weather improves in August!

I’ll carry on logging any walks and bike rides that I do and the progress reports will be resumed when there is some progress to report!

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