Progress Report – Week 26

Blimey, where did half a year go! 😯 I made a promising start to the year, then let things drift. Oh well, such is life! I must make a fresh start and not dwell on my shortcomings… 😕

I started this year weighing 220.0 pounds (15 stone 10.0 pounds, 99.8 kg). I now weigh 205.0 pounds (14 stone 9.0 pounds, 93.0 kg) – a loss of about 0.1 pounds last week – hooray! Okay, it's a tiny change but I've been away and unable to do any cycling or serious walking so there was always the chance of actually gaining weight.

Total weight loss so far is 15.0 pounds or 6.8 kg (17.7 pounds, 1 stone 3.7 pounds, or 8.0 kg since Christmas). My original waist measurement was 45″, last week it was 39.0″ and this week it remains the same. That is a total loss so far of 6.0″ (all rounded to nearest half inch).

Weight loss before and after photos - end of week 26

Exercise for week: While I was away I was helping my sisters move our elderly mother into her super new ‘granny flat'. I may not have been doing my usual exercise, but I certainly wasn't lazing about. I did 8 hours of decorating and about 5 hours of moving heavy furniture. I did 3.5 hours of ‘power-walking' to and from the new flat, and to visit a friend. I ate less food than usual and drank less beer. The upper body exercise made me feel fitter than I normally do so I must try and incorporate more into my weekly routine. More time on the mountain bike would probably help achieve that, since MTB riding works the upper body much more than road cycling.

Here is the current OJ-ometer.

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4 Responses to “Progress Report – Week 26”

  1. Hi Colin,

    I wondered where you had gone, hope your mother is happy in her new surroundings.

    I don’t worry about losing weight when on holiday, working or not. Holidays are holidays, start again when you get back.


  2. Thanks Alun.

    It will take her a while to settle in. She lived 47 years at our old address but she is just too frail to live there by herself now. She’d had a few falls over the past month so it’s a big relief that we managed to find her a really good sheltered flat where she can be helped 24/7 by the on-site care team.

    I’m back in Hebden Bridge now and hoping to get out tomorrow since the forecast for the weekend isn’t looking particularly good.

    Hopefully we will have warm, sunny conditions for our Malham ride on the 26th!

    See you then,

  3. Oh yes, I’m in training for that!

    I’m doing the Manchester/Blackpool ride on Sunday
    so I was hoping for good weather this weekend

    See you on the 26th

  4. Hmm…

    The forecast for Sunday seems to be improving and you might be in luck – sunny intervals and showers, with a wind coming off the sea. Saturday night looks grim, but that should have blown over by the time that you set off. Monday isn’t looking too good either so the event’s timing could be perfect!

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