(Power)Walk – Heptonstall

A cold wind was blowing today but it was sunny so I wanted to get outdoors for a while. I decided to go and meet Lisa from work up on top o' hill.

I chose to power-walk up The Buttress with my camera recording a movie clip of that crazy cycle path. I left the camera running as I emerged onto Lee Wood Road, and then continued up Heptonstall Road to the village. I'll split the video into two shorter clips and post them on YouTube for you to have a look at. They'd give you a good idea of what the terrain is like round here!

I got pretty out of breath so I was obviously getting a decent little workout from the walk. When I played the clip back, I discovered that I'd only taken 12.5 minutes. I could obviously get up there and back in about 20 minutes so I have no excuse not to get some exercise even when I'm pressed for time. The only negative about doing that is that it isn't a great idea to launch straight into vigorous exercise without a warm-up. I could always walk round-the-block for 10 minutes (or do a 10 minute spin on my gym bike) before heading off up the hill and that would still only take me 30 minutes in total.

I met up with Lisa and we went for coffee and shared a piece of Millionaire's Shortbread in the village (yum-yum!). After that we walked back down to town via the footpath round the top of Heptonstall Quarry, which eventually emerges back through woods onto Heptonstall Road, a couple of hundred yards up the hill from the traffic lights.

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