Power Walk/Stroll

A fast walk up the hill (13 minutes), a cafe stop with Lisa, and then a meander back down the hill via the Buttress to the shops.

I could have got a good ride in today. It was nippy, but it was dry and the sun was shining. I definitely seem to have ‘lost my mojo’ recently – less than an hour of exercise all week – pathetic! When I’m not exercising I spend most of my time stuck in front of a computer, or a TV set or sitting around reading. It isn’t good enough…

I’m beginning to feel the lack of exercise and I don’t like it. Perhaps it is time to get on the gym bike 2 or 3 times a week?

I have a tough little CycleChat ride booked for next Saturday, subject to good weather. It would sensible to do a few days of exercise and then take a couple of days to recover before then.

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