Power-walk to Lunch

I know it isn’t the world’s healthiest lunch, but I really fancied a chip butty (plus mayo) today so I power-walked up the hill to meet Lisa and dragged her off to the cafe, where such a butty was consumed.

At least I got my pulse rate up for 15 minutes and my legs moving again. I’d done no exercise since a ride to Waddington on Sunday because my legs were feeling stiff and tired so I gave them the time they needed to recover. It seems to have worked because they definitely felt stronger today.

After lunch, Lisa and I strolled down the hill together, and then I spent another 20 minutes or so wandering round the local shops for another 20 minutes or so.

I know that these posts aren’t very interesting, but I just want to keep an accurate record of what I’m doing so that one day, I can look back and say “See, that’s where I was going wrong, and that is where I started getting things right!”

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