Power Walk to Heptonstall

I’d got organised today and done my shopping first thing, then I spent a few hours on my ongoing Health, Wealth and the Pursuit of Happiness project (a.k.a. ‘trying to earn a living online’!). It meant I was quite pleased to take an hour away from the computer and meet Lisa for lunch up in the village.

Two old ladies and their dog were surprised to see an overweight middle-aged man charging past them up the steep hill. I arrived at the last minute (as usual…), heart pounding and gasping for breath but that’s what hearts and lungs are for, isn’t it! 😉

There was no extension to the walk today – I’d got up the hill in a break between showers, and the rain had started again while we were drinking our coffees and sharing a piece of cake. It stopped again just as we were preparing to leave the cafe. We dashed back down into town via Heptonstall Road and The Buttress, before the rain started again.

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