Power Walk – Heptonstall

I set off late to walk up to Heptonstall for today’s lunch date with Lisa so after a brief warm-up stroll up the steep slopes of Moss Lane (close to 20% gradient!), I charged up the footpath through the woods to Heptonstall Road.

As I got to the top of the path I heard the sound of clapping coming from above me. It was from a group of OAPs** sitting on a bench, enjoying the sunshine. “Well done lad, keep going!” said one. (I was breathing very heavily as I passed them.) I ran up the last few steps to the road and heard an old man behind me say “Now he’s just showing off!” Howls of laughter…

I leaned back over the wall and told them that I was late and that I don’t normally walk up hills quite that quickly!

In the end, I got to the cafe just as Lisa did. I reckon I did the walk from the town up the hill to the village in about 10 minutes which is probably my fastest ascent yet. The only problem was – as soon as we got into the cafe, I started gushing sweat, which was quite embarrassing because it was pretty crowded in there.

We decided to walk back down to Hebden Bridge past Heptonstall allotments to see how they were coming on. Lisa is very interested in gardening and we’ve been watching the progress of these allotments over the past few months. There were lots of new vegetable plots containing cabbages, onions, carrots etc. If I could afford a house with a garden, I’d have a go at growing my own vegetables.

My cycling has been neglected for a few weeks now, but I have done a deal to get some new wheels for my Basso so I should be back on the road soon. Meanwhile, I am keeping my old legs working with these regular short hilly walks.

I’m still having aches and pains in my right leg, but hopefully if I’m careful I should be able to keep up my walking and cycling. I’m only in my mid-50s and am hoping to be active for at least another 20 years yet!

Well, I forgot to take my camera out with me so there are no new photographs today. No problem – I’ve done this walk many times so you if you want to see the views, you can just refer back to earlier blog entries such as this one where I tested mynew walking shoes.

(For non-UK readers)
** An OAP is an Old Age Pensioner or Retiree.
*** An allotment is (usually) council-owned land set aside to be rented by local gardeners

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