Power Walk and Stroll – Heptonstall, Colden Clough

I did my shopping at the local market at lunchtime and decided that it was such a nice day that I'd go and meet Lisa from work. I sent her a text message saying that I'd meet her, and dashed home to drop my shopping off. I then did my usual power-walk up the hill to Heptonstall, and Lisa arrived shortly afterwards.

I'd already decided not to go to the cafe, but it was closed for redecoration anyway. I'm starting to earn a small amount of money online, but I really need to be earning a lot more. Until I do, I'm going to have to keep a close eye on luxury spending such as on coffees, cakes and chip butties!

Lisa agreed that it would be a shame to waste such a fine autumn afternoon so we set off to join the Calderdale Way from Heptonstall.

Dry stone wall, Heptonstall
Dry stone wall, Heptonstall

From Heptonstall to the Calderdale Way
From Heptonstall to the Calderdale Way

We walked a short distance, then stopped a while to enjoy the views and the sunshine. It was tempting to lie about for hours but I had lots to do and couldn't spare the time. Working from home requires self-discipline, and it isn't really something that comes naturally to me!

The leaves are starting to change colour and fall now, so we will have some stunning views on walks in the next few weeks. Here's a photograph that I took looking down Colden Clough towards the Calder Valley and the western fringes of Hebden Bridge…

View of autumn leaves from the Calderdale Way
View of autumn leaves from the Calderdale Way

Our route today wasn't our usual one. For a change, we were going to walk to the old stone footbridge at the head of Colden Clough, but then walk back through the woods on the eastern flank of the valley, rather than the bridleway higher up on the western flank.

Calderdale Way bullocks
A Load of Bullocks!

It was nice walking back down the Clough. At times we were walking along the walls of derelict mill ponds, and there is a tall chimney stack jutting out of the trees lower down. There are many reminders in these valleys of the former industrial powerhouse that this area once was.

We came out by the bottom of Lumb Bank and headed up the track to our right to join the bridleway and followed that to Church Lane, descended to the A646, and headed back into town.

If you fancy a short walking break in West Yorkshire, folks, this is a good time of year to be taking it!

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