Phew – All Clear!

Just a quick personal note. My sister and I took our frail, elderly mother to the hospital today for some medical checks and she got the all-clear – phew! We had been worried about this so it was reassuring that the doctors didn’t find anything to be concerned about.

One thing I noticed while I was hanging about waiting in the hospital were the Infection Control notices up everywhere. There were gel hand washes on either side of every door and instructions to use them. It is a newly-built hospital and it struck me that they should have put motorised doors in. Half the people coming in and out didn’t use the gels, so they were potentially cross-infecting each other via the door handles. The people who did wash their hands then used the door handles afterwards which was kind of counter-productive.

I reckon I’d make a good infection control inspector. I could see a few different areas which needed improving.

Human nature is the source of a lot of problems. Doctors obviously know more about infection than most people but some of them still don’t follow good hygiene practices. My brother-in-law recently underwent surgery and afterwards spent some time was recovering in a hospital ward. He watched a consultant doctor examine 3 separate surgical patients without washing his hands in between. He told the doctor in no uncertain terms that he wouldn’t allow himself to be examined until the correct procedure had been followed. It’s no wonder that cross-infection occurs when basic hygiene standards like that are not followed!

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