One Of Those Heptonstall Strolls

Nowt much to report, but I'm including it just to log the 30 minutes of exercise.

I walked to the market and did my shopping. The couple at the fruit ‘n veg stall said that I looked different; why was that?

Answer #1: I had shaved off my winter beard. It is getting warmer so I don't feel the need any more. In fact, it was about 5 or 6 degrees C higher than the norm for this time of year here. Hooray! It was a lovely day.

Answer #2: It was the first time I'd been out without a coat or jacket since the end of October 2010!

I left my shopping with the stall holders and strolled up to Heptonstall to meet Lisa for lunch. Unfortunately, the cafe was swarming with builders who were erecting scaffolding outside, just where we wanted to sit in the sunshine!

Lisa arrived and we decided to have lunch in Hebden Bridge instead. We walked straight back down the hill because Lisa is suffering from what sounds mightily like Morton's Neuroma so she wasn't comfortable walking far. She probably developed that on our recent Pennine Way walk. She was wearing two pairs of socks that day and perhaps that made her walking boots too tight?

I picked up my bags from the market and we went to the Italian cafe opposite the market. They have some tables out the back above the river which is quite a nice place to sit and chill out. Unfortunately, that is on the east-facing side of the building so by then (15:00), the sun has moved round the other side of the building and we were in shadow. I'm not sure what time that happens – go early if you want to sunbathe!

Just spending an hour or so wandering about and having a coffee by the river lifted my spirits. It had been a horrible winter and difficult for me to get into this year but I feel that walking and riding with my forum pals and old friends is helping me. Thanks to you all!

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