Weight-loss versus weight-to-go shown as cartons of orange juice!

The OJ-ometer

All was going well at the start of 2009, then I hit the much-feared plateau, faltered, found my way again, then things went mysteriously quiet until the New Year when a lot of weight had somehow appeared from nowhere! How could this possibly happen? Oh well… 🙁

Let Battle Commence 2 – Just when You Thought It Was Safe To Go Online!

5 down, 16 to go!
6 down, 15 to go!
5 down, 16 to go!

8 down, 13 to go!
7 down, 14 to go!
6 down, 15 to go!
5 down, 16 to go!
4 down, 17 to go!
3 down, 18 to go!
2 down, 19 to go!

I've seen people represent how overweight they are as the equivalent in packs of lard. It's a very effective demonstration and if I had free access to enough lard, I'd do it myself. The trouble is – I don't ever use the stuff and I'm not going to go out and waste a lot of money buying it. Heck, I don't even buy butter or margarine…

I decided to go for a healthier alternative – orange juice! I get through a couple of litres of OJ a week, so I could justify buying a job lot for my OJ-ometer. I'm not sure of the density of OJ but for the sake of the OJ-ometer I treated it as being the same as water – 1 kg per litre. I also ignored the weight of the cartons. I therefore needed the number of litres equal to the number of kgs of blubber that I'm trying to lose. Now officially, I'm trying to lose 44 pounds or 20 kgs, but I actually lost 1 kg between Christmas and starting this blog in early January so I'm going to call it 21 kgs (the OJ-meter looks nice as a 2D pyramid and that requires the extra kg!).

So, I wandered down to my local supermarket and bought 10 litres of juice. The girl at the checkout gave me a really funny look, and I found it really hard to keep a straight face as she took the OJ out of my basket. Walking 350 yards back from the shops carrying the juice made me realise just how heavy 10 kgs actually is, but then I had to go back the following evening to buy another 11 litres to make up the full 21 kgs-worth. To think that I was carrying that about all the time as fat!

Anyway, the OJ-ometer has been constructed and photographed and is shown at the top of the page. Each time that I lose a whole kg (2.2 pounds), I'll tick another carton off.

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