OJ nights

So, last night was another late night, but this time I was just drinking chilled sparkling mineral water with a dash of OJ.

I still hadn't done any exercise so I wasn't tired. I know that I always have a couple of restless nights when I stop drinking after doing it regularly so I didn't even attempt to go to bed before 02:00, and as expected I had a very restless night. But, I did manage to get up at about 09:45 today and I'm feeling a bit tired now, so perhaps I'll get to bed earlier this evening. There's a Spike Lee movie on late so I might watch that and then try to get to sleep before 02:00. I'm hoping that I'll start to fall asleep before it finishes so I'll record it on my PVR just in case, and will go to bed as soon as I think I can sleep.

It will take a couple of days to settle into this new regime. I want to lay off beer until at least the weekend to let my body detox for a while, and then only reintroduce it at a lower level now and then.

I need to be cycling 84+ miles a week to catch up on my target shortfall built up by the slow start to 2011. I'm doing another CycleChat forum ride out to Waddington on Sunday which will be 57 miles. The weather forecast is good for Thursday so I hope to get a reasonable bike ride in then. A ride to Trawden and back would get 29 miles in, or more if I come back via Worsthorne and the Long Causeway.

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