Oh No – Not The ‘Haworth Hobble’!

It had started off nice today, but by the time Lisa and I set off to walk up to Heptonstall, it had clouded over and started to get drizzly.

We had decided to walk up Moss Lane, then right along the ‘garden footpath’, a few yards down the cobbled path, and then left along the footpath through Lee Wood until we came to the bridleway from the Blue Pig in Midgehole up to Heptonstall.

As we headed up the bridleway, we started to encounter lots of people coming the other way with Keighley & Craven Athletic Club race numbers on. Some of them were attempting to run down the hill, but most were content to walk as briskly as they could manage.

Eventually, we reached the village and called in at Towngate Tearooms. We sat outside and watched more and more people coming up the hill, before turning right by the pub and heading down the bridleway.

Our curiosity got the better of us so we asked one very tired-looking woman what the event was. Apparently, they were tackling the Haworth Hobble. Hmm – 33 miles of West Yorkshire hills on foot, with 4,400 ft of ascent … I can see why they were ‘hobbling’! 😉 It made me laugh when she said “Not far to go now – only about 8 miles!

That is some challenge! The furthest I’ve ever walked on these hills is a little less than half that and I wasn’t trying to do it quickly. Well done folks!

I normally go into town after these weekend strolls to buy beer for the evening, but I’m (pretty much) sticking to my new 9 beers a week limit. I’ve had 8 this week and I know that if I buy that last one, I’d be tempted to buy more so that’s my lot until at least Monday. I’m feeling better for it, and my weight is slowly coming down so I’ll try and stick to this new regime.

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2 Responses to “Oh No – Not The ‘Haworth Hobble’!”

  1. The fitness of these runners is awesome!8 miles longer than a Marathon with hills and off road to boot.I couldnt countenance anything of this nature,as you know i have run for a number of years,and generally speaking after 5 or6 hilly miles iam wrecked,i genuinely wonder if runners of this standard will be able to walk in later life?

  2. Well, a lot of the older ones taking part were definitely ‘hobbling’ rather than running!

    Years ago I was thinking of taking up Fell Running so I went to buy a suitable pair of running shoes. The man at the shop looked me up and down and told me not to do it! He said that I was too big and too old to be taking it up, and that a lot of Fell Runners do end up with mobility problems. I felt indignant at first but I reckon now that he did me a favour. I have tried going for a few runs since then and I always end up with hips that ache for a week. I have the early signs of arthritis of the hips and running doesn’t do them any favours. Cycling is going to remain my main exercise, but I like to do the odd hilly walk and will continue to do so as long as my hips will take it.

    I went for a pretty easy 9 mile walk on the Pennine Way on Friday and I was stiff and sore when I got back, but at least the hips were okay.

    So, Andy … will you be joining us for the Flattish Seaside Century from Whalley on Sunday? 😉 It will be an important training ride for you and Spring Into The Dales! 😉

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