No Strolling, Just Spinning…

Ha – the local weather almost got me today, but not quite! It rained heavily overnight and once again it was still raining when I got up. I don't mind wet roads now that I have Crud Roadracer Mudguards (Fenders) fitted to my Basso, but I still don't like going out while rain is actually pouring down! And so I switched on the PC and got on with my daily ritual of trying to work out how Tom, Dick and Hariet manage to earn a living online; if they can do it, surely I can too?

The hours passed, as they do, but then I noticed a strange thing – sunlight was shining through the Velux window of my attic office. Perhaps I'd get a ride in after all? I decided to put it off for 20 minutes to give the Weather Gods a chance to change their mind, but no – the sun was still shining. Okay, the ride was on!

But then my mum rang for a chat. I glanced at the clock – 20 minutes would be okay, still leaving 2 hours riding time and the usual 30 minute buffer for potential puncture-fixing and I'd still get home before sunset.

I'd just put the phone down after the conversation when I noticed that it had gone, er, very dark! Yes – another batch of stormy weather had blown in and the rain had started hammering down again. I would have been 1,200 ft up on a hillside a few miles from home if I hadn't stopped to answer the phone. Weather Gods 0, ColinJ 1!

And so it came to pass that I spent another 60 minutes on my gym bike this evening. 30 minutes listening to my favourite tracks off Different Class (Pulp) and another 30 cherry-picking from a 1980-1990 U2 compilation CD. I'm quite enjoying these moderately intense indoor sessions, but I'm sure that I won't be by the time Spring 2010 comes! 😉

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