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I want eventually to build up a detailed library of my favourite local walking and cycling routes to feature on this site. This information will be featured on subpages of the walking or cycling pages. I will include maps, gps files in GPX format, and altitude profiles. The idea is that anybody could come to Hebden Bridge and be able to go out and follow my routes.

Whenever I post in the blog about walking or cycling one of those routes, I won’t have to describe it in detail, I’d be able to write “Today, I did walk #3 – Hardcastle Crags via Hebden Water footpath” (whatever) and add a link pointing to the relevant route page. I could then just talk about what I saw or how I was feeling as I walked along. I can add a few photos to the blog posts to liven them up a little.

What I’ve been wrestling with is the fact that the vast majority of visitors to the blog will never be visitors to this area, so my routes won’t be of any practical use to them. It could be argued that I’d be wasting my time building up this route library. There again, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield, 4 of England’s largest cities are not too far away. Even Birmingham, the UK’s second largest city is only about 100 miles from here so a trip to this area for a weekend wouldn’t be too arduous.

Heck, I want to log my routes, I don’t want to feature them on somebody else’s site, and I don’t want to create a separate site of my own for them. If you are interested in looking at them – do, and you are not – don’t! 😉

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2 Responses to “My Routes”

  1. Hi Colin,

    I think it’s a great idea, there just isn’t enough information about walks and rides around Hebden Bridge, especially when you look at the the number of footpaths in the area.


  2. Thanks Alun.

    I was hoping to put up my first bike route today but my GPS went blank on me half way round – hmmph! Serves me right for trying to use it without recharging the batteries since November…


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