My New Trousers!

Way back in my post Weight Loss Progress – Week 5, I said:

The fat is coming off steadily, therefore so are the inches off my waist and people are starting to notice. My sister bought me a pair of 38 inch waist trousers a couple of months back. She knew that I was far too fat to get into them, but they would give me a target to aim for. At the time, my waist was 7 inches too big, but now I’m halfway there – only about 3.5 inches too big. At this rate, they should fit me by the end of April. I promise that I’ll take a picture of me wearing them (and not bursting out of them!) before May 2009.

I thought I’d see if I could get the trousers on today. I’m obviously still too fat for them, but I can now wear them fairly comfortably! That is is pretty amazing considering that when I was given them for Christmas, I could only just get them done up if I sucked my belly in as I hard as I could and did not breathe. Another few weeks and they should be a perfect fit.

My new trousers almost fit!

By the way – the belt I am wearing in that photograph was uncomfortably tight even at its maximum length in January. It’s now okay with about 3 or 4 inches taken in. I really feel like I’m starting to make progress now! I’ll take pictures of me wearing those trousers again at the end of April and we’ll see what further progress has been made by then.

(I stuck the size label off the trousers on my belly so you can see that they are a 38 inch waist. I checked the waistband to make sure that it wasn’t oversize, but no, it is 38 inches)

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