MTB Ride – Lumb Bank Blast

I did a very short MTB ride today. Instead of a power-walk up to Heptonstall to meet Lisa for a coffee, for a change I decided to ride up on my mountain bike.

I rode along the A646, turned right up Church Lane then up the first half of the Colden Clough bridleway. I then followed the right fork and did the stiff climb of Lumb Bank. It’s not as tough as it used to be because a lot of the vegetation and loose rock that used to make it quite technical have been cleared away. To be honest, that’s fine by me. I probably would have had to dismount if this work hadn’t been done, but managed to get all the way up today without putting a foot down. A fit rider could probably storm up there but I just had to wind my way up in a low gear.

The forecast of mid-afternoon drizzle proved correct as I set off back down the hill with Lisa. She was walking down, and I got fed up of braking all the way on the greasy road, so I descended to the junction and rode back up to her to squeeze a little more riding in.

I might do this again, but set off earlier and do a much longer ride before heading for Heptonstall.

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