MTB Ride – Lower Gorple

More sunshine today, but despite that I almost stayed in. I am under a lot of pressure to boost my online earnings and am aware of how much time I spend cycling and walking when I could be working. Still, the late winter evenings are long and it is surely better to be cooped up with the computer when it is dark than when the sun is shining?

I have a good road ride coming up on Saturday so I decided to get my MTB out of its hibernation and take it for a quick local offroad loop.

Well, it turned out that ‘quick’ wasn’t the right word! I really didn’t feel fit on the bike at all – hills that I can normally whizz up felt like long slogs. Hills that I normally slog up felt very tough indeed. Serves me right for having a lazy winter! Never mind – it will be fun putting the effort in to get fit again. This fitness thing isn’t a boring journey to a great destination – it’s a great journey to a fantastic destination!

I’ve described this route before so I won’t go into detail here.

It was a more tiring ride than it should have been but I enjoyed it. Once I’d realised how lacking in ‘oomph’ I was I decided to just ride round at a very easy pace and take in the scenery…

View from Middle Dean
View from Middle Dean

Distant Boulsworth Hill
Distant Boulsworth Hill

Winter suns reflects off Lower Gorple reservoir
Winter suns reflects off Lower Gorple reservoir

The last little stretch home along the A646 in rush hour traffic wasn’t much fun but the rest of the ride certainly had been.

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4 Responses to “MTB Ride – Lower Gorple”

  1. I’m planning a trip up to your hills on the MTB soon. (If it ever warms up!)

  2. Well, it’s much milder than of late up here, though still chilly in the wind. All of the snow and ice had gone from the bridleways when I was out. There were just a few patches of snow left behind walls on high ground.

    That huge Specialized back tyre of mine is horribly slow on tarmac – I kept checking to make sure that I hadn’t got a puncture or a brake rubbing. It rolls much better offroad but that seems counter-intuitive to me. It’s nice having a big cushion of air when I hit bumps but I reckon I’ll go back to a slimmer tyre which rolls better next time.

  3. Good on you getting out! I have a huge tyre on the front of my bike and it is so draggy on the road. Hopefully when I change tyres in the summer it will mean I am flying!

  4. At the weekend I bumped into a couple I know and used to do evening MTB rides with. Once the clocks go forward we are going to start doing those again. ‘Goodspeed’ (Martin) off CycleChat said that he might join us for some of them when he is working his early shifts and has the evenings free.

    Something that you might be interested in – round-the-world record-breaking cyclist Mark Beaumont’s talk in Bolton in a fortnight’s time. I might go to the one in Halifax.

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