More Snowy Strolls…

Time to get the warm winter outdoor clothing on and get out in the snow! A winter holiday without having to fly off to some ski resort…

Yesterday evening I volunteered to help an old lady out. She was stranded at her daughter's house in the town centre because the roads to Dodd Naze were unsafe for traffic and walking conditions were dicey too. I walked up the hill to turn her heating on and pick up her mail for her. At least now, she shouldn't find any burst pipes when she eventually manages to get home.

I quite enjoyed that little walk. It's not often that I walk in the dark and the town looked pretty magical covered in snow and with lights twinkling everywhere.

This afternoon, I walked up the hill to Heptonstall to meet Lisa and then we walked straight back down to go to the shops and the market.

Snow-covered Hebden Bridge
Snow-covered Hebden Bridge

Three cheers for the hardy market traders! I really didn't expect them to turn up today but 2/3 of the stall-holders were there as usual despite the slippery and freezing conditions – a great effort!

We managed to sneak in a little trip to the Watergate cafe for tea and toast before heading back with our shopping.

I may not be getting any cycling in, but these cold bright conditions really suit me. The clear blue skies are keeping my SAD at bay, so I'm not even having to use my SAD light box at the moment. It looks as though we will have at least another week of this weather, so I do need to get on the gym bike or I'll lose my cycling muscles altogether!

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