Manchester Walks

I’m not a great fan of cities, but I was called in to Manchester today on an important mission …

My sister and her family are off to the US-of-A soon for a 2 week holiday in Florida. My brother-in-law forgot to take his camera bag back with him on their last visit and wanted it back in time for the holiday but he told me that he wasn’t happy with me posting it back to him. He’d come up to collect it.

I expected him to drive, but he’d found a really cheap rail ticket and offered to pay my return fare to Manchester and buy me lunch. It would still save him money compared to his fuel costs, he wouldn’t have the stress of driving and it was slightly quicker.

So, today …

I power-walked to Hebden Bridge station.

I power-walked down Deansgate from Victoria Station to kill some time.

I power-walked to Piccadilly station to meet B-i-L.

We strolled around Manchester city centre so I could show B-i-L round and we went for lunch somewhere on Deansgate.

We did a bit more strolling up and down Deansgate, including a visit to Waterstones. It’s a long time since I went in a big bookshop. I treated myself to a Seth Godin book despite knowing that (a) It would be cheaper on Amazon (b) I could read the same material free on his blog! It was a treat. I don’t get enough of them …

Then we strolled back to Piccadilly station where I saw see B-i-L off. (On the way, I waited outside Tesco while he got himself some snacks for his journey home. I was watching a busker outside who could sing pretty well. 8 people put money in his bucket in 6 minutes. I’m sure that at least two of the coins were 50p pieces. Some donations were handfuls of change. Let’s say the average payment was 25p. That’s £2 in 6 minutes, £20/hour – not bad! :wink:)

I power-walked back to Victoria station.

I power-walked home from Hebden Bridge station.

3.5 miles of level power-walking, 2.5 miles of gentle strolling.

It made a bit of a change – lovely spring weather in Manchester, blue skies, warm. I got back to Hebden Bridge and there was a veil of murky cloud over the town. It was cold and gloomy. What a difference 25 miles can make!

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