Make a List; Use the List!

If you are as disorganised and forgetful as me, then you probably already do – make a list that is, whenever you have important things to remember. Having done so, it is probably A Good Thing to read it afterwards and refer to it at regular intervals until you have done everything on the list.

I made a list of what I needed to take with me on my trip back to the midlands today. It included such important items as the two 750 mL cycling water bottles (bidons) that I’d be needing on The Shakespeare 100 on Sunday. Of course, I promptly put the list to one side and didn’t refer to it when packing my rucksack for the journey…

So there I was at Leeds station, minus one of the bottles! I’d caught an earlier train than I needed to in order to make sure that I was there in plenty of time to catch my train to Coventry. Plenty of time, in fact,¬† to leave the station and ride off to the little bike shop down the road from the station and buy a new bottle. Except for the fact that the shop wasn’t there any more… I still had plenty of time so I started cycling round Leeds city centre in search of a bike shop. Time passed, slowly… I was lost. I was trapped on some infernal one-way system heading for God knows where. My stress level was rising. Eventually I saw a sign for the station and started heading back, only to be stopped by red lights every 100 metres or so. I eventually made it back to the station with a minute to spare, dripping with sweat and feeling really annoyed with myself. And then my train was 20 minutes late. Ho hum…

I had remembered to pack a couple of bungee cords to secure my bike in the bike compartment. I once watched my bike violently swinging about from its storage hook on a bumpy rail journey so now I always pack the bungees.

Another useful tip – if the train is busy, make sure that you go to the bike compartment in plenty of time before disembarking. You may take 10 minutes or more to get to it if you have to fight your way past hordes of other rail passengers, sorry, customers! I once had to run the length of the train on the platform because it was physically impossible to get past the bike’s human shield via the carriages. I had visions of the train departing with my bike still on board, and me not!

Anyway, I got here in the end. Strictly – I got there in the end, since I’m having to update the blog on my return to Yorkshire and back-date the posts to make them appear in the correct chronological order; my sister has not yet got an internet connection – *gasp*!

So, about 5 miles of cycling today to and from stations.

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2 Responses to “Make a List; Use the List!”

  1. I’ve never taken a bike on a train. Just because i’m fearful that I wont end up at the same station as the bike.

  2. For that very reason, I don’t venture far from my bike on trains now, even if I have a seat reservation in another carriage. It also means that I can keep an eye on it and hopefully spot anybody tempted to mess about with it.

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