Little rides and walks

Monday 14th: Ma-and-back on bike (4.5 miles). Mate-and-back on foot (1.5 miles).

Tuesday 15th: Ma-and-back on bike (4.5 miles).

Wednesday 16th (today): Homecoming – To-and-from stations on bike (3 miles). Lisa came and met me from Hebden Bridge station and we called in at an Italian cafe in Hebden Bridge. We had coffees and shared some nice Italian toasted bread. I’m sure that it has a special name, but I don’t know what it is; it has dried fruit in it and some sort of spice. We liked it so much that Lisa went to buy another piece but the cafe owner insisted on giving it to us free, gratis and for nothing – that’s the kind of service I like, so here’s a plug for his cafe… 😉 I can’t remember the name of the cafe, but if you cross the bridge next to Innovation, you can get to it by the path at the back of the new buildings on your right (or turn up Valley road at the front of the buildings). There are tables at the back of the cafe so you can sit and look out over the river while you eat and drink.

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