Just Getting Out Of The House

Nothing very interesting… I’m just logging another power walk up the hill to meet Lisa, and a stroll back via the quarry and the shops.

I was back sitting at my PC within 50 minutes which was just long enough for a full anti-virus scan to complete. I don’t like running them while I’m working because they slow the computer down and the sound of the hard drive thrashing away irritates me.

I should really have got a bike ride in today but I’m struggling to find the motivation to go out by myself. At this rate, I won’t ride again until the next CycleChat ride which will be on Sunday 31st October.

I must try and get out before switching the computer on in the morning. Once I’ve spent more than a couple of hours staring at this widesceen LCD monitor, I find it difficult to drag myself away. A nice 2 hour ride first thing would make a world of difference to how I felt (and help me to start shifting the surplus pounds again too).

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